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Thunderhawk Performance now offers two rear bumpers for the Kawasaki Teryx. These rear bumpers protect the cargo bed, tailgate and taillights of the Kawasaki Teryx, and are contoured to match the Teryx bodywork for a factory-installed appearance. Both bumpers feature tubular construction and are mounted with heavy duty mounting brackets to provide excellent protection without adding excessive weight. We have designed these bumpers to retain the full tilt and functionality of the cargo bed and to install easily in just a few minutes using common tools.

Here's link to Thunderhawk's website for those who care to check it out:

Thunderhawk single tube, utility bumper:
Thunderhawk Performance - This bumper is in stock right now.

Thunderhawk twin tube, sport bumper:
Thunderhawk Performance - This bumper will be ready to ship in about one week.



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