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i purchased an 08 with +5 lsr arms, elka shocks, doors, cage, front seats mounted in the back, muzzy, airbox, and ignition..

i bought one of these due to the teryx's ability to actually roll over and stay safe in a crash. so far i'm pretty happy with it its very slow and under power'd i feel but overall its bee a fun ride. the stock carbs that were on it were absolutely horrible. i attempted to jet them but after some research and prior dealings with CV style carbs and aftermarket parts. i gave up. i then looked for a decent downdraft carburetor and settled on a dcnf webber for it. bought one off of a ducati, made an intake, made custom inserts, and a lot of tuning later including complete disregarding everything i had read on the net and just tunin like webber recomends it runs pretty good.. no acceleraton bog, no leanout while crusing like i had read elsewhere..

its still underpower'd i feel but its a lot of fun and the suspension has soaked up some major hits..
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