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Hey TERYX Gang,

We are happy to announce a new product offering from us at Motoalliance that is the result of a partnership with EMP -- one of the premier bumper manufacturers in the United States.

We now are offering a package deal of an EMP TERYX bumper with our premium VIPER ELITE winches. Our ELITE series fits the winch holes of an EMP bumper perfectly and makes for what should be a great package.

Buying them both together saves the average customer 10% (or just over $60). The good news is that TERYXHQ forums ALSO get the normal 5% discount we offer on all our products for forum members.....so you save 15% (or over $90) total. We hope this makes for a great opportunity to get a killer package together.

They are now available on our new website in our TERYX section at: https://motoalliance.com/Site.Store.go?action=showCategoryContents&catId=82

Have a look.....thanks!

Moto Alliance

P.S. The EMP bumper can be packaged with our VIPER MAX winch but only at the normal 5% TERYXHQ forum discount.
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