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I bought a 2010 Teryx Sport Special Edition (black) last weekend. We will be moving to the country as soon as we sell our house. I will use the Teryx to work and play in the woods and along our creek. I have only driven the Teryx about a half hour total, so my experience is minimal. My limited time on the machine has been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to spending more time on it as soon as I can.

The only area of disappointment is how much noise it makes. The tone from the muffler is great but trying to talk while driving down the road can be a problem. I have a half windshield and no top. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I also have a question about 2 or 4 wheel drive. I know to use 2 wheel drive on hard surfaces, but why use it on "soft" surfaces? Wouldn't be best to be in 4 wheel drive all the time and be able to lock in the 4th wheel without stopping? Other recommendations on driving technique would be of interest. How to best climb a hill, cross water, drive through mud or over rocks, that kind of stuff.

Last of all, help me use the search engine on this site. I have "searched" for the above information but found a lot of irrelevant information. How do you search using a string? Can you narrow search results? Any suggestions?

My apologies for my ignorance, I'm excited about my Teryx and look forward to learning from the more knowledgeable on this site.
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