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Hi guys... im new to this whole UTV scene... not new to do the desert as i race off-road. Traded my 92 OBS f150 prerunner for this teryx as i was looking for something to haul my wife and 4/5 year old boys around when we go camping in Johnson Valley! This thing is BEYOND!!! clean and the first owner took extremely good care of it. looking forward to getting her out in the Des. Couldn't be happier with the trade.

Mod List-
+4 funco long travel
king shocks
ITP true beadlocks
PDS custom cage with full doors and aluminum bed
PRP seats and harnesses
full muzzy exhasut
Hunter works billet airfilter system
override plate
rigid lightbar
updated hood with mesh inserts
lots of XMF billet parts
190 hours..

attached are some pictures. enjoy!


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