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Having some trouble with my
2018 Kawasaki Teryx 4 LE
KRT800GJFA 6,000+ miles. Problem started as an intermittent, repetitive, clicking during an attempt to start without the starter turning over. Fuel pump activates with ignition as normal. Clicking determined to be starter relay (Under dash above steering wheel). Subsequent attempts to start resulted in machine starting uneventfully. Over the course of a week, starting became more difficult with the same symptoms as above. Finally refused to start.

Neutral switch working correctly.
Checked battery, voltage good.
Checked all fuses, all good.
Checked ground and cleaned. No corrosion, normal dirt.
Replaced starter relay, same cyclic clicking.
Removed starter, inspection revealed brush housing cracked. Replaced starter, same cyclic clicking.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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