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I have a 2021 kawasaki teryx 4 and I looked at systems for weeks. I love this setup!!!! It has everything I wanted in a system. I wanted a system that that will be in my machine for the life of it and I feel by the quality of this setup that it will be. Everything from the packaging to the wiring to the overall appearance and feel of this product screams high quality. It was a easy install, it took me around 3 hours and has everything needed to fully install on your machine. The only options I would like to see is a Bluetooth app and a 12 inch subwoofer option. The sound is just flat out amazing and the bass is impressive for being a 10 inch woofer in a shallow enclosure. It would be nice to see a 12 inch option in the same enclosure. The only other thing is I wish the mount for the sub was able to be rotated. Overall I'm extremely happy and glad I purchased this system. I have some cleaning up of the wiring to do and need to make a mounting bracket for the amp, I just installed last night. Once I get a bracket made I will post a pic. Hope this helps everyone to see what it looks like in the machine
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