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At the request of our members, we have added this feedback forum to allow a centralized place for members to provide feedback on experiences they have had dealing with other members or vendors. We all know the saying that someone who receives bad service will tell atleast three people, however, someone who receives great service tells no one. Well lets reward those vendors who go above and beyond to help their customers and at the same time, ensure we bring to light individuals or vendors who are dishonest.

Let me first say that this forum will be heavily moderated, to ensure that any negative information posted is factual. This is not a place to bash another member or try to get revenge on a company you may have once worked for.

If used properly, this forum can become a great asset to this community, so please lets think of it as a tool for other members.

If you choose to post something negative about a member or vendor, please be prepared to provide proof. This is to ensure the validity of all negative claims. If a negative topic is created, that topic will be sent into a moderation que and be unviewable while we look into the claim.

Lastly, most issues can be resolved with a phone call to the member or vendor, e mails get lost, not delivered or deleted as spam.

A few things to think about:
  • When possible, try to use PayPal or Credit Card versus personal checks and money orders. Counterfeit money orders are out there and becoming more popular. Payment request through bank transfer or Western Union should be avoided.
  • Phone number, try to get a phone number, most people selling something should not have a problem giving out their number. They do not have to do it in public.
  • Over-seas, well this is pretty self explanatory, however, it is not to say that it is always a problem. If you are using PayPal, take a look at their account, how long they have had it, how many transactions have they processed. If they request you send money via Wester Union or wired to their account, tell them no thanks.
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