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sorry if someone has already got on this, but its in my back yard please help! don't let them close Lake Havasu ohv the trails are awesome.

3-4 years ago BLM requested from the local clubs to assist them with acquiring all the GPS coordinates to
all the trails located in Havasu. They told us it was to "protect us from loosing our public land."
The local clubs gladly accepted using their own GPS units and off road vehicles to drive BLM representatives through every trail in Havasu. This was all volunteer BLM did not financially assist anyone with this.

Two days ago BLM held a meeting to close most of the off road trails in Lake Havasu City. They did not
advertise until two days before that they were having a meeting, in the middle of August when most of our
residence (winter visitors) would not be in town. They pushed the already set meeting from November to
August without notifying us and probably hoped no one would show up. Local clubs found out about the
meeting and showed up for the meeting only to find that they were giving us 30 days to "justify" why
they should keep the trails open. The maps they provided were poor topo maps that had no GIS features
on them what so ever (no streets, land marks or any other identifying marks). We were unable to
determine what or where the trails were due to there being no GPS coordinates on the trail identifiers.
We also asked them to identify why the identified trails were being closed and they could not provide
us that information. When we asked them how to obtain that information so we could go justify trails
that need to stay open they told us it would take "60-90 days to figure that out and they were not even
sure if they could get us the information that we need to justify keeping our trails open. Mind you we
only have 30 days to do this, did I mention the average temperature has been around 115-120 out here
in Havasu during the time we have to complete this?

We need all the help we can get, this ALL of OUR public land that we pay taxes to use and we are very
close to loosing. This effects everyone, from the family who is riding bikes, quads, and side by sides
to the hunter who is out trying harvest an animal on his/her dream hunt. What about the nature watcher or
the geo-cacher? It affects us all, even the economy here in Havasu. Local gas stations, convenience
stores, auto repair shops, off road shops, fabrication shops, motor cycle shops, etc.

Is there anyway you can forward this email link to your members, family and friends? Pirate4X4.com is
assisting us by putting up a letter generator. What this does is it makes extremely simple for anyone to
send Havasu BLM an email to let them know that they need to extend the Travel Management Plan from 30
days to more. All you have to do is click on the link and take one minute out of your day to let BLM
know how you feel in your own words. This letter generator was set up from the same guys who helped
save the Rubicon and they have offered to help us.

Go here: Pirate4x4.com Land Use - Letter Generator
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