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Would You Be Interested In A Monthly Charity Raffle

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  • Nope, thanks for asking

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I received a call the other day from an individual who had an idea in regards to something we can offer instead of monthly contest...or potential along with contests.

The idea was this. When we receive a product donation from a Company our original idea was to have a contests to give the product away to a winner. Their idea was to post say three charities in which everyone could vote on. So for example, at the beginning of the month we post a thread to vote for the charity everyone wants, say maybe ASA, Blue Ribbon, and Tread Lightly. We do a raffle for the bumper, maybe $1 or $5 tickets. At the end of the month we pull a ticket and the winner receives the bumper and the charity everyone voted for in the beginning of the month reiceives all of the raffle funds. What do you think?

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I think it is a good idea. If we want to keep our riding areas open we need to support the orgs fighting the battle. I would like to see a list of people we would send the donations to. I am aware of the groups in the Southwest but what about groups in the Mid West or East coast. Also what about letting the person who wins pick the organazation from a list. That way a person winning from the East can give it to an organization keeping his riding area open. Just a thought.
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