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questions about 840 kit

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I have 09 teryx with msd, muzzy,dalton od plate, going to do clutch work possibly vforce john stage 3 build have been thinking about egine kit, don't know much about any of them, have talked to Todd at Hunter Works about a standard bore with cams. Could any body tell me what the 840 kits include, who makes them, what kind of hp they produce,what if any extras i would need to go with them besides what I already have, what is the rough cost of them, and reliability and longevity of the engine. thanks
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The standard bores are fine, and a lot cheaper. I think if I wanted more low end grunt, I would do the 840 with the stage 2 cams - higher torque lower rpm, could be wrong, but I think it would have more low end torque, stage 3 cams are for more top end, that is just my opinion. I had looked at other places for prices and FST Mickey can't be beat, sorry....just the plain fact!
I have the 840 with nothing else but muzzy's, so I am missing out on top end with stock clutch, just don't want to do any more work to it. Of course I have the 08, so also have a carb kit and TPI valves from Hunterworks.
Oh yeah, just thought I'd add this...still stock factory belt and close to 2,000 miles....:yahoo:

How do I like it, well I damn near shit my pants after getting her broke in and opening her up, I am serious. I've got 1,200 miles on the 840 and I beat the ever living piss outa mine...:93C_peelout[1]:

Not one problem....yet.
What kinda pricing are we talking about on install?

Sounds like a deal to good to pass up, unfortunately those are the ones you want to watch out for sometimes.
One thing for sure is, if your unhappy with it...you can still do the 840 kit or even the 1000 kit.
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