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HAHAHAH I heard that!!

I had the FST STD Bore Kit in my 08 and it was a very nice power increase, I think I am going to go like you with the 840 kit this time, WTH. ;) I was actually considering the Muzzy's or the FST, maybe try the Muzzy's this time.

How much do you like the power Teee? Is the 840 really all that and a bag of chips on the trails or hill climbs? I would think low end torque is what I am after so it should be.
You won't be disappointed in the 840 magellan... I'm the guy that picked up your old 08. We raced them when we first got them back and my bike would put 1.5 bikes on yours out of the hole but your bike would come back and pass on top. At first i blamed it on my heavy ass bi/tri claw tires but i still knew better for as many standard bore/big bore brutes i've done... Took the carbs a part and i reckon i got in a hurry and my front cyl had a drilled jet and my rear one had the 155 I had back when the bike was stock with a few holes in the lid. After that there was no pulling back on top.

Standard bores are all the power you need but the torque and the power the 840's make is what get the adrenaline going.
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