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Rear Steering

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So I am doing my normal internet searching and I come across this site:

..:: Tonys Toys: Side By Sides ::..

This company makes rear steering kits for side x sides.

So with that said, who is going to have the first Teryx with rear steeing?

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LOL ya that is just what I need :)

I have to admit, it is quite an interesting product, I would be interested to see what all is involved with installing something like that.
Yea, that looks expensive as hell. Complicated too,.
Ya I would bet this is not a "bolt on" kit, lol.
HaHa! Good one.

On the positive note, I was looking at the guys site, and it looks like he does monster trucks. So, I would think that his work would be good. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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