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Hi Guys, Gals,
Background we live in the country and ...I Have 2016 T2, 7500kms. Use it for everything - hauling wood, utility work, have it on tracks in winter, plow - push alot of snow and do alot of riding for pleasure. Some of it pretty rough going. Oh, and forgot we also use it for towing Can Am products (haha)
Anyway, for two weekends ago in the middle of nowhere during a long ride with about 200lbs of gear on oars the rear left wheel bearing failed. Totally immoblized as rim was deflected out about 20 degrees. Managed to get it out of woods and to dealer. He took one look and blamed it on my wheel spacers.
Repairs done (only a new bearing). Spacers removed and off for long weekend ride - 74 KMS in to our ride again in the middle of nowhere WHAM same #@$$#@ bearing let's ago again.
Bringing it back to dealer in morning but would like some ideas prior to jumping up and down on his counter with a Can Am tshirt on.


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