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Rubber Tube On Cage

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There is a rubber tube that is attached to the factory cage and then appears to enter it. Can I assume it is a breather for the fuel tank possibly?
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Your right, fuel tank and rear diff...
That is what I thought...thanks for the confirmation though!
vent hose fuel spewing

So am I the only one that has experienced fuel running up the vent line and filling the cross bar with so much fuel that it ran down the line for the rear diff.?

I went out on a ride, nothing severe put plenty of side-to-side rocking. I smelled fuel, stopped to find fuel but with an oily residue all over the passenger seat back. I pulled the fuel line from the roll bar and a good cup worth of fuel ran out of the fitting.... since the rear diff. vent was the lower hose on my roll bar, it somehow mixed oil inside the roll bar and I had an oily mess to clean up and diff. fluid that was obviously mixed with fuel.

I have since swapped the hose locations on the roll bar in case it happens again. I have disassembled and cleaned the fuel tank vent valve. I have run three oil changes through the diff. after running a few miles to circulate the oil (hydraulic fluid actually)

I've looked all over and no one else has had a similar problem I guess.
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Hmmm ya I have not run into that issue, but I had very little time running with the factory cage. Is there some sort of vacuum action that is happening I wonder?
How full was the gas tank. The only thing I can think of....you had a very full tank, that you filled early and later had a lot of heat during the day and the gas expanded. I have run into issues of that sort with an aux diesel tank. But the way the tank fills...seems it would run out of the filler cap way before that could happen.
Everytime I put fuel in my machine, when taking the gas cap off there always is some pressure that escapes. Seems to me the little line that runs to the cage would keep any pressure from forming. I would think the gas cap should also have a leak proof pressure release system built in. I guess it really doesn't matter anyway.....
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