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There was a question in another thread about programming a CDI for the Teryx

There are two CDI's one is non- programmable and one is.

The programmable one has no other box that attaches to, it is simply another whole different CDI than the programmable one.

As it comes from Dynatek it has four selectable timing curves via a dip switch already in it that will cover most any application

Curve #1 mild performance
Curve#2 high performance (same as the curve in the non-programmable box)
Curve #3 is for high compression pistons or forced induction applications
Curve #4 or stock curve is the stock curve

At Hunterworks we pre-program the stock curve to our own performance curve thinking if you need stock curve then use your stock CDI.

To be able to program it you will need to purchase the optional $100 programming kit and download the software from Dynatek

Once you have this software and kit you can then go into any of the four curves and program what ever timing advance you want.

I am planning on doing a online tutorial on how to program it yourself soon.

Other features of the programmable CDI are programable outputs, programmable speed limiter, diagnostic functions and so forth.

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