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I have a 2017 Teryx 4. Idles poor. Sometimes dies when in gear. Did this before we went to WV

Here's the main problem. Has no power when starting and really nothing when trying to go up an incline from a dead standstill. A running start in low gear and seems ok. Once up to 10 mph speed it runs normal. Top speed normal at high 40"s. It runs better in low than in high. At start it seems to be bogging down. Problem is low power at start/inclines. It dies going up a moderate incline and almost does not go up a slight incline. No rpm increase at all when taking off. In neutral engine revs fine. Does not seem to be a missfire.

1000 hrs
Machine is stock.
Ran is some 1 - maybe 2 ft water in WV. Nothing crazy. Ran Normal for two day trip to WV.
Problems started two weeks after we got home.
Thought we got some water in gas in WV. Ran very poorly for 40 min on first outing at home and then ok once up to speed.
Replaced fuel pump to try and improve idling issue. No change
Checked fuel vent, air cleaner,
There seems to be some smell from the belt, but maybe I'm just more tuned into that area.

I am leaning towards a clutch issue. This is new territory for me.

Suggestions and words of wisdom please.

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