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Have a couple logo proofs I wanted to share with all of you. What do you think? Please provide feedback, good or bad :)

You will notice that there is a glare on the windshield, I am thinking of removing that.

Also, the dirt coming off the tires, should we remove that as well?


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Thank you for the feedback thus far...Let me see if we can get a quick idea of what it would look like with a driver and maybe widening the stance a little more. Otherwise, I think we are all on the same page.
#2. Looks like it is climbing over a mountain.
Ya I have to say I keep going back and forth. Each one seems to have something I like, therefore, I need to find a way of incorporating all of that into one 'Super Logo' lol. Appreciate you taking the time!
Thank you everybody for taking the time to look at these.

Here are a few more...these incorporate a driver (I can put a driver in the other ones as well)

Also you will noticed one was made with the Teryx being black...do you think that is better or prefer the red?


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LOL I think I have too many to choose from :)

Just trying to make everything perfect for you guys!
Thank you to everyone who gave feedback, I am pleased to announce we made our decision and the logo is being incorprated with the design. I am hoping to have the completed design up on the site in a few days.

As soon as I receive the completed logo, I will post for you all to see :)
I like this one!!!!
Then you should like the one we chose...granted it is a tad different :)
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