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I'm new to this forum but not new to some of the issues you guy's face in off-road-racing.

I'm heavily involved in a SCORE Championship team that runs off-road race trucks...Full stock to Trophy trucks and the issues the trucks face are the same the UTV racers face. ...Getting the Bureau Of Land Managment to permit the races.

The Primm 300....a 300 mile desert race held outside of Primm Nevada for more than 15 years has been canceled due to concerns about desert tortoises...thats right...turtles!

This race will probably get moved to Mexico where the concern for tortoises is ...Uhmm...less great.

Yet another reminder why we all need to stay on top of these kinds of issues...and our elected officals!

Here's a coupla pics of my boys at last months Baja 500 from Ensenada Mexico ( both trucks leading their class!)
The trophy truck won its class by almost 20 minutes over the factory "Redbull sponsored" truck....who says a privateer can't win!!! (Its cuzz of the Amsoil Baby!!!)

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