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Trail Tech Install With Long Travel?

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So I was thinking about the Trail Tech Vapor installation and something came to mind...long travel.

How will this effect the installation of the speedo cable? For the sake of argument, lets assume you go with the 5" over kit. Is there enough cable to now get to a hub 5" further away? Lets say you just make it, are you going to have enough slack to accomodate for the increase in wheel travel? I am thinking no, but I could be wrong. Anyone with a long travel kit on their Teryx have a Trail Tech Vapor installed?

There is hope though, I spoke to Trail Tech and they believe they can custom make you a speedo cable if you need more length.
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VApor Dash

I know you posted this 4 weeks ago.. But yes it will work. I have a +5 LT kit and the Vapor dash. Just have to be a little creative with the spedo pick up but there is no binding or tightness once its all put in. My pick up is on the passenger side.

I just went out and snap a couple pics for ya.

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Thanks my friend, looks great, what are those billet clamps used to hold the pickup wire?
They are 1 1/4 billet brake line clamps. I didn't like the look of the zip ties holding everyting on the arm so I picked them up at a local shop here in town.. Just to add a little BLING, BLING. HAHAHA
I am right there with ya...I will have to do some checking around to see if they are available out here in AZ, thanks!
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