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Durhamtown Home Page ATV Park is having a UTV race on July 26th which is a Sat.

The race is is going to five 8-mile loops with a good bit of open area for passing and a good many curves as well. Mike told me the hairpin curves are all left hand curves for safety. Another thing is they don't require a co-driver but will allow it. Running time should be about a hour and a half.

They also plan on having a co-ed race where there will be a 3min break in between laps for the male and female driver to swap places. Almost makes me wish I was married again, NOT!!

The classes are not totally determined but will be fair as possible.

Go to the site for more info and contact info. They don't have info about the UTV races on the site as of now but you can get cabin and contact info there.

The second race is on Sun. the 27th at Broad River ATV Park this is a TopGear UTV Challenge race which we won the first 0-700cc modified class race at back earlier this year. This race will be somewhere around 40 miles or so. I think there is two 19 mile loops but don't hold me to this one. When we went it was just one. Depending on whether it rains or not as to what kind of experience you will have.

More information is at the TG Challenge website.

We plan on racing both depending on my broke foot and ankle and also whether we don't tear up anything on the Sat. race.

The cool part both races are about 50 miles apart near Athens GA which is east of Atlanta.

I got my cabin rented, get yours quickly!!

Come on out and bring your bone stock unit or modified one and have a blast but don't hit me!!!
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