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Hi there everyone, I have been putting this off, however, I need to upgrade the software on the site.

With that said, this design may not work with the upgrade since it was coded to work with this version. It can be recoded, however, I am not sure I want to continue with this design as others have expressed that they feel that it is to crowded.

What do you all think? I was thinking of putting a temp design on that would be full screen until I can get a designer to do a new one.

One are your thoughts?

Also, since I will be doing the upgrade, is there anything you feel should be added to the site?

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I have been on other sites that did a switch over and for the most part it wasnt to bad. It's the little things you lose that matter, please don't lose the new post button. I do not like having to subscribe to a thread to follow it, even if it is automatic. Without the new post button you have to go into subscriptions or user cp and find them there, PITA.

New post button and New replies to your posts are big ones for me.

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