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Again, I've been messing with the idea of the gauges, and I'm leaning towards to Vapor kit for the Teryx...I know they make a billet mount that replaces the stock speedo and all, but what if it's on an LE and you don't have those 3 lights to fill the holes in? Can you just add your own lights there for, lets say, the park/neut/reverse lights or whatever else you might want there?

As far as the money is concerned I come out much cheaper buying the vapor gauge and adding it than I do if I go and add a small tach, and water temp setup...I will add a fuel gauge but I might just get a marine gauge or something and drill a hole in the dash for that.

Has anyone purchased the 'stealth' vapor cluster? I saw it on the website the other night and I didnt see the billet housing that matches, just the silver one.


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