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While we want to ensure each vendor has a fair opportunity to promote their products, we want to set a few guidelines to ensure fairness throughout. We would like to ask that all vendors show respect to other vendors and follow these simple guidelines:

Vendors are free to repond to topics by members who request pricing or information. For example, a member request pricing on a specific exhaust, all vendors may respond to that topic with the price they sell that exhaust for.

We ask that vendors refrain from posting their products or competing products within topics created by other official vendors. For example, if a vendor promotes a product they are selling, we do not want another vendor to jump in and promote the same product they are selling. If you wish to promote your product, please start a new topic.

We ask that vendors refrain from criticizing another vendors product within the same topic. If a vendor has concerns over another vendors product, please create a new topic for that discussion. Any criticism posted should show the utmost respect to the releasing vendor.

Several vendors have their own forums on the site, these are private forums to allow those vendors to communicate their products and/or promotions, we expect other vendors to recognize that and not post within those forums.

Price negotiations should take place via e mail, private messages, phone, etc. not within the general forum population. This is to protect you the vendor.

Last but definately not least, there should be no attacking of other TeryxHQ.com vendors or their products on the site. If you have a problem with another vendor(s), we suggest you take it off-line either by e mail, phone, or private messaging.
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