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Video from Soboba Grand Prix

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Here's some in car videos from the Soboba Grand Prix in California.
HRT Motorsports picked up a Teryx on Friday and raced it in stock form on Sunday against 43 heavily modified side by sides and finished 7th.

In Car Footage Part 1 (40mb)

In Car Footage Part 2 (40mb)

In Car Footage Part 3 (40mb)
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Now I am totally convinced that the t-rex is way more stable then anything else on the market!! I cant believe how well that thing did stock. Did it have wheels or spacers or both or none?? I would not be a happy camper to have a box stock $10,500 O.T.D. machine keep up and not roll and flip like my 50k race rhino:eek: That was quite a statement.....IMHO
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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