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Hey Teryx Gang,

We now have VIPER MAX 4000lb and 5000lb editions that come standard with 65' of steel cable and the option to upgrade to 65' of genuine AMSTEEL-BLUE synthetic cable.

Our VIPER ELITE widespool series comes standard with the 65' of AMSTEEL-BLUE cable and our flush mount dash switch.


https://motoalliance.com/Site.Store.go?action=gotoProductDetails&id=83 (VIPER ELITE Winches)

https://motoalliance.com/Site.Store.go?action=gotoProductDetails&id=647 (VIPER MAX Winches)

https://motoalliance.com/Site.Store.go?action=showCategoryContents&catId=82 (General Teryx Products Including Plow/Winch Combos)

These 65' cable options will be the longest in the industry and are available in both standard TERYX models as well as the TERYX 4 unit.

They all come with our normal stainless steel hardware, motor terminals, tie rods, etc., and include our 2012 upgraded paint and stickers. We're glad we design our winches here in the USA (instead of a mass-produced copycat) so we can do these kinds of changes. Hope you find value in the longer length.

As usual, you all get 5% for being part of the forum! Just use FORUM5 in the discount box at the last page of check-out. Thanks!

Peter Kapsner, Ph.D.
Moto Alliance
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