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Hey guys, new member here and first post. I'm coming from two Honda Pioneer 1000-5's and most recently a Honda Talon 1000x 2 seater. We needed to move back to a 4 seater, but wanted a bed and not a really long machine either. Never had a belt machine before, but honestly I think they are better for the type of riding we do which is slow rocky trails with the kids, with some hill climbs. I'm not a pedal down guy, would rather walk up the hills with some careful tire placement and technique LOL.

Long story short, I finally got a 2021 Teryx4 S LE. I got the S model for the shocks and A arms (which the best I can tell aren't just wider but they are also offset front and rear about 1.5" each way). Figured this way I could run 30s without having to change arms front and rear. But now after reading more and more, maybe 30's are too big? I'm not really concerned much about the power decrease or clutch issues, mostly concerned about clearance. I don't want it to rub at all under any conditions. Thinking about 14x7 Sedona Sano Beadlocks with 30x10-14 Sedona Rock-A-Billys.

Do any of you have 30s on a bone stock teryx4 S model yet. Does anyone know if this will rub? Or should I just go with 28s to be safe?

Thanks guys!
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